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NA Mini-LLTourney #7

  • 23 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Lethal League
  • November 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM EST
  • Check-in: Closed

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This Tournament is only for players in North America, please refrain from signing up if you live elsewhere.

Make sure to check out the Tournament Information for all the rules and everything else you need to know about the Tournament.

Make sure to be in the Steam Group chat for the duration of your Tournament life.



Optional Stage Selection:

If either player opts to do so then stage selection will proceed as follows (Melee style stage selection)

First Match:

     -Players take turns striking(banning) stages in a set pattern until only one stage remains, which then becomes the starting stage you play on

     -The pattern for stage striking is Player 1 strikes 1 stage, Player 2 stikes 2 stages, Player 1 strikes 2 stages, and finally Player 2 strikes 1 stage (1-2-2-1-1-2 where 1 is player 1 striking and 2 is player 2 striking)

     -Player 1 = Top Spot in Bracket, Player 2 = Bottom Spot in Bracket.

All Other Matches:

     -The winner of the last match bans one stage

     -The losers then picks any stage from the remaining 6 stages

Stage Short Forms:

To get everyone on the same track I'll list the proper names of stages and a short form that they go by

     1.  Industrial Outskirts - Desolace

     2.  Abandoned Pool - Pool

     3.  Underground Sewer System - Sewer

     4.  Room 21 - Room

     5.  City Streets - City

     6.  Hammer Express - Train

     7.  State Manufacturing Facility - Factory

These are the most common short forms but not all of them, personally I would use a numbering system as in 1 = Industrial, 2 = Pool and so on, but that might be too confusing for some people.

Below is an image that will come in handy when doing stage striking

Stage List Image: 


Here's a simple example of how a stage strike would go in private chat between two people, BadShot and YinYin, in this case BadShot is the top bracket spot and the match is a best of 3

BadShot: Lets do stage striking, I ban 1 (Deso)

YinYin: I ban factory and train

BadShot: sewer and pool

YinYin: city, that leaves room lets go!

BadShot: Alright Room 21 it is.

BadShot: Oh noe I lost, your ban

YinYin: take out train

BadShot: Alright we're going factory then!

BadShot: Woo, 1-1 I'll ban Room, les go!

YinYin: k, I pick desolace

BadShot: Alright

YinYin: ggs

BadShot: Good games =)

Even doing this example I had a little trouble with the actual stage striking as it's not that easy to do in your head, use the image up above to help remember stages.  Maybe we can make something better down the line to make it even easier but for now try to keep a list handy somewhere (or use the image) and someway of tracking whats been banned to make it easier on yourself and your opponent.

This type of stage selection only happens when ONE of the players playing chooses to do so, you can still choose to pick a random stage if neither player wants to do stage striking, but if one player wants to do so then you have to go through with stage selection.  Also gentlemen's agreements are still allowed for stage selection. 

Final Results

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Icon medal second
Icon medal third














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